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Ric Airtec Indusys, Inc.
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In the Service for Industries in the Philippines since 1992 Who is RIC AIRTEC? Some friends called us "The Compressed Air People" , a company specialized in the supply of high quality compressed air equipment and process control valve systems in the Philippines. We are Your partner with regards to compressed air technology. What does RIC AIRTEC supply? Only goods that we import directly from reputable manufacturers in Europe and the USA. Where does RIC AIRTEC source supplies? We import from several principal suppliers with whom we have a long standing relationship. Each is a recognized expert in his particular field. The sum of products from all these suppliers makes up a complete system of industrial compressed air equipment and control valve technology. How does RIC AIRTEC assure quality? All our suppliers in Europe have been established and serving the local industry in their respective countries for many years. They are all export oriented and every one of them is a certified ISO 9000 manufacturer How does RIC AIRTEC assure service for customers? We demand to receive from our suppliers a full technical-, service-, and commercial backup for all products that we offer for sale in the Philippines. Some equipment is particularly service dependent, such as air compressors and air dryers. To meet the requirements for service of these products, we have specially trained engineers in supplier's facilities in Germany, who are now qualified to render local service and also to train the service personnel in our customers' facilities departments.


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